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To fund a scholarship please see the various options below the Donate button.  Contact one of the Foundation Trustees to fund a scholarship.

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Century Club $100.00
SIlver Sponsor $250.00
Gold Sponsor $500.00
Patron $1.00 to $99.00

There are several ways to fund a scholarship though the Buckeye Scholarship Foundation.  The options and information for each is listed below.

Endow a Scholarship
An Endowed Scholarship is a scholarship awarded on a yearly basis.  When you fund an Endowed Scholarship, the Foundation does not use your actual money to award students with scholarships. Instead, your money is invested. The interest earned from your invested money is used to fund scholarships.
The Foundation currently has two ways to endow a scholarship.  A $25,000 endowment will award a $1,000 yearly scholarship and a $32,500 endowment will award a $1,250 yearly scholarship.
The donor also has the option to define criteria as to how the scholarship will be awarded.  For example, the Foundation currently has a scholarship that is only awarded to a nursing student.  Another scholarship has criteria that it should go to a student from either the Dayton AHEPA chapter or the Dayton Daughters chapter.  If no students from Dayton qualify, the scholarship is then awarded to any qualified student.

Non-endowed Scholarship
Unlike the Endowed scholarship, the Non-endowed Scholarship uses the donated funds to award the scholarship.  Any donation of greater than $2,000 and less than $25,000 can have an honoree attached to it just like the Endowed Scholarship.  The difference being that money donated will be used to award the scholarship until the funds plus any interest earned is less than the awarded amount – either $1,000 or $1,250 designated by the donor.
The donor of a Non-endowed Scholarship can define criteria as described under the Endowed Scholarship.

Planned Giving
By definition, “planned giving” is any major gift given, either during the donor’s lifetime or after death, as part of the donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. Planned giving can include bequests, gifts of appreciated stock, real estate, artwork, life insurance and a retirement plan.
This type of giving is best discussed with your financial advisor, accountant and/or lawyer.