Goal to $1 Million
The Foundation has set a goal to raise $1 million over the next ten years.  This will allow the Foundation to keep the principal at $1 million and use only the interest earned year over year to award scholarships.  $1 million was chosen expecting a reasonable return of 4% per year, realizing that some years will return more and some years will return less.  At 4% the average annual return would give the Foundation $40,000 to award in scholarships per year.

A thermometer has been added on the right side of the page to show the progress toward our goal.  Look for more communication from the Foundation Trustees in the next several months on how you can donate and help us reach our goal.

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Peter Tsatalis Marisa Mavrogianis
George Kamarados Giorgos Karageorge
Zoe Day George Spillson
Sarah Andebrhan David Manios
Nicholas Papakirk Demetra Pappas
Katherine Burke Maria Anastasiades
Niko Pitinii Anthony Retzios
Zoya Bessler Aristotle Markakis
Grant Kopan Michael Langendorf
Antigoni Papakirk Mary Frangos
Nektarios Dimitriou Sylvia Tsarnas
Kostas Paxos Sophia Spillson
Kosta Volas Maria Tsarnas
Blake Theodorou Nicholas Legakis
William Matzorkis George Manos
Kalliopi Liakaris Michael Manos
Maxwell Kellas

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